Privacy Policy

Four elements to our privacy policy.

  • We do not store personal information for inactive clients or participants.
  • We do not sell or allow access to any third party any client information.
  • We do not record or transmit interactive events without the express permission of the participants granted at the time they sign up for the event.
  • Twitch

    We utilize Twitch for live event broadcasting. We do not download user information for offline use from Twitch. You should review Twitch's privacy policy as your privacy when on that platform is managed by Amazon/Twich.


    We utilize Discord for interactive events and shared community communications. We do not download Discord data for offline use. You should review Discords privacy policy as your privacy on that platform is managed by Discord.


    We utilize wordpress for our blog and other communications. You should review Wordpress policies regarding you comments or other entries you make to the blog. We do not download or store any user data from our blog site for offline use.

    Customer Tracking and Services

    We will maintain a list of active customers for purposes of scheduling and support. Included in this list will be Discord Identities, Twitch Identities, and Contact Information. We always use a third party pay wall for financial transactions and so do not maintain any personal financial information. This privacy policy is here for your education and protection. We will do our best to maintain your privacy at all times. Our intent is to protect you and your information at all times from all vectors of attack. However, the greatest threat to your privacy is from other users. We will work dilligently to properly identify any member of our team, however, when in doubt question the identity of anyone posing as any member of the Ehzeekial team. We never ask for personal information via email.